Crown Gymnastics Studio

Summer Schedule!
9:00am      Tiny Tots
                  Tumble Bugs
                   Beginner 1
                   Beginners 2
10:00am      Beginner 1 or 2
                   Int - Advanced
11:00am      Private lessons Available

8:00am       Ladies' Fitness Class
9:00am       Team Practice
11:00am       Adv Beg - Int
                   Tiny Tots 
5:00pm        Adv Beg - Int
5:30pm        Mommy & Me!
6:00pm        Tiny Tots
                    Tumble Bugs
                    Beginners 1 
                    Beginners 2
7:00pm        Teen Tumbling

8:00am       Ladies' Fitness
9:00am      Team Practice
10:00am     Beginners 1 or 2
                  Tumble Bugs
5:00pm       Jr. Tumbling
6:00pm       Tumble Bugs or Tiny Tots
                   Beginners 1
7:00pm     TBA

All times and classes listed are tentative. Check with Lauren to confirm times and class availability before registering. 

To register for classes, please read the student handbook and fill out the registration form (above) and turn in with payment.
Classes Begin June 9th!
Call or Email us to Register!
Mail Registration and Payment to:
Crown Gymnastics
5781 State Route 245 W
West Liberty, OH 43357
Prices: Spring, Fall & Winter
  • Regular Gymnastics        $ 121.00
  • Junior Tumbling              $ 88.00
  • Teen Tumbling                $ 88.00
  • Mommy & Me                $ 66.00
  • Pre-Team &Team           $ 191.00

Family discount for ​regular gymnastics students: first child $11/class and each additional child $8/class.

Prices are for 11 weeks quarters.  
Summer price is based off of an 8 week session

Prices: Summer
  • Regular Gymnastics      $88.00
  • Jr Tumbling                   $64.00
  • Teen Tumbling              $64.00
  • Mommy & Me              $48.00
  • Team                             $160.00